Thursday, June 29, 2006

Without further adieu...

...I present 3 brand spankin' new blogs to enjoy. And yes, all writing parties involved are big fans of the spankin'. I predict you're gonna want to add all 3 to your favorites.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for my Mistress of Creative Kwan, my first wife, possibly the only person who can put me to shame in the quoting department, my 24-7, attached-at-the-hip, pop-up-in-my-dreams-like-the-Microsoft-paper-clip, Walkabout-lovin', best-quality dear friend. Say hello to Paging Dr.Freud. (You may know her from this blog as Better Darker Half). Trust me, once this little lady fully gets her blog on you won't want to miss her warped and hilarious insights. They've made my life a happier, funnier place. How's that for an intro? No pressure! "Mmmmhmmm. You're lovin' me now, aren't you Jerry??!!" (insert family appreciation kiss towards the screen here)

Paging Dr. Freud

Meet Steve, the man who's willing to take a few corrective spankings just to get this blogging thing right. Such a selfless act...and from a Red Sox fan! Doh! (Just kiddin', you know I'm on the bandwagon) He's witty, funny, smart and maybe a tiny bit sarcastic at times but that's just part of his charm. (don't try to merge in front of him on the freeway, though...for God's sake). Oh, and he's hot too. Methinks you will likey the book man and his quirky insights.

Eternal Blogging of the Thoughtless Mind

Sometimes don't you just wish you could just way what you want to say...without worrying about being all PC and shit? Read this. Sheer genius. Super funny too. Gosh, these girls are really SMART.

Open Letter To Someone


Blogger SteveInLA13 said...

Wow, RBrown, thanks for the awesome intro. Would you be interested in a full-time job as my personal emcee? I'm putting together a benefits package. 401K or health coverage yet.

I'm honored to be introduced in such distinguished company. BDH, nice to meet you. Open Letter, I'm jealous already.


And it's not my fault those a**holes on the freeway don't know how to drive!

3:46 PM  
Blogger concha said...

will you ever blog again?

11:46 AM  
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