Thursday, October 20, 2005

Where have all the Levi's gone?

Do Maxim and Vogue have some sort of fashion editor cross training program that I don’t know about? How come so many guys are wearing 7 jeans now? And Paper Denim Cloth and …..hell, I don’t even know what the other good brands are because I can’t afford them. I’m still stuck back in 1998 trying to pull off Banana Republic jeans. (Though I’m more than a little incensed that even they have the gall to price jeans at $178 now. What happened to the good old $78 price point?)

I like a man who cares about how he looks, I really do. Cool t-shirts, nice shoes, good jackets, some product in the hair. Yes, please. But you guys don’t have to dress like this every single day. I’m completely baffled by the obviously very manly, very straight guys with really hot wives and girlfriends that walk around in, OK, I’m just gonna say it: WOMEN’S JEANS. HELLO, people. Sure, they make them for men. But they make Kenneth Cole loafers for women too and I’m not strolling around in those every day.

Don’t you guys know how delicious you look in a pair of perfectly faded, beat up Levi’s? Paired with a cool t-shirt? Somebody tell me what the deal is…please I’m an equal-opportunity-liker of men in 7 jeans. I just want more Levi’s, that's all.


Blogger steveohville speakeasy said...

seven. for all mankind.

that's what the salesgirl at nordstrom's told me what i should buy.

a grip.

that's what i told her what she should get.

11:55 PM  
Anonymous macfisto said...

Good lord, when do these people have time to wear jeans? I have a job. Jeans are now a special occasion, which maybe why some guys throw down so much cash on them. But, honestly, most guys wouldn't be caught dead in jeans over $50. Only in specific districts of urban areas do you get such fashion flatulence.

$178. That's a family's annual budget in some parts of Africa. And I'm certain someone who fancies themselves "liberal" wears that family's income snuggly over their crotch and buns.

12:58 AM  
Blogger concha said...

i am, i admit, a jeans whore. 7 jeans, true religion (how does that horible black eyed peas song go?) i also dated a metro for about 5 yrs. half of what he talked about was clothes. now that i'm dating a guy who cares more about what he does than what he wears (although he always manages to put on a cool t-shirt and some hair product) i can assure you that 7 jeans on guy= no brain in head.

7:38 AM  
Anonymous crazyvirgo said...

so you're saying you have a problem with a man that wears the same jeans as you, uses make-up foundation (just to even out the red spots), gets manicures, has his hair done at a salon and owns a purse sized dog? i feel like i don't even know you anymore, r. brown

9:09 AM  
Anonymous bitemycookie said...

greasy, i literally just shelled out $threehundredandseventysomething ducks so that my lover could rock some true religions and a pair of paperdenimwhatevers. okay, it was his money, but i said as we were leaving the store (where there were maybe 50 different brands of $200 jeans for purchase), "where the feck did all these $200 jeans brands come from?" i blame seven for wrecking the denim pricepoints for all mankind.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Ryan said...

Hey just goes to can buy confidence...Though I have to say $148 is where I draw the line...and absolutely no more than $80 for a (guy's) hair cut...I'm fortunate enough though that I get to wear jeans everyday. Oh Lucky Brand, how I love thee...

10:41 AM  
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